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The Bear Bay Stewardship Alliance (BBSA) is working hard to block BC Timber Sales from auctioning off Bear Bay Forest to private logging firms. The ministry of Environment has identified Bear Bay Forest as containing the only "Old Forest" ecosystem in Pender Harbour. Pender Harbour is known by many as the jewel of Pender Harbour. more...

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Pender Harbour's only "Old Forest" ecosystem is one of many reasons why this area should be preserved.

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Indpendent Ecological Assessment Completed

One conclusion reached by the study states "Old forest is significantly under-represented on the Sunshine Coast, particularly within the CWHxm1 where it totals only 0.63% of the land base. The Sechelt Landscape Unit Plan specifies a target of 8% old-growth but still falls well short even if mature (>140 year) forests are included. The existing old forest and predominance of old forest legacies in other portions make Bear Bay forest a good candidate for retention as old forest and recruitment old-growth. Cutting the site would move the Landscape Unit even farther away from the old-growth target."
Click here to download the full report (PDF).